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About PVEL

Member of the Kiwa Group

In 2021, we joined the Kiwa Group, a global network of companies that test, inspect and certify to create trust around the world.

Beyond the Scorecard

Since inception PVEL has created data that matters to the global solar industry. Throughout our history and to this day, our commitment to this mission has not wavered. Over time, our services have expanded from laboratory testing to provide comprehensive technical support for the downstream solar and storage market.

Today, we offer:

Equipment testing at our labs

  • Our flagship PV Module PQP supports global solar module procurement
  • Batch testing during PV module production for project-level risk mitigation
  • PV module performance characterizations for energy yield and financial modeling
  • Custom product assessments at our grid-connected field lab for comparative energy yield and performance studies

Field testing for operating solar assets

  • PV module acceptance testing, both after delivery and after project construction
  • Damage and underperformance assessments via field and drone EL imaging
  • Connector analytics, inverter assessments, and other onsite investigations

Consulting and data services that inform PV and energy storage procurement

  • Custom vendor management and product benchmarking dashboards
  • Forecasts for solar and battery technologies and costs
  • Curated reports that support advanced system modeling, vendor management, and financing strategy


The 2022 PV Module Reliability Scorecard was made possible by the efforts of our valued contributors.

A special thanks to every member of the PVEL team for their role in producing the data that matters for the PV Module Reliability Scorecard.

  • Ashley Fallon, Head of Marketing, PVEL
  • Beryl Weinshenker, Field Operations Manager, PVEL
  • David DeLong, Site Operations Manager, PVEL
  • Max Macpherson, Program Manager, Data and Consulting Services, PVEL
  • Tristan Erion-Lorico, VP of Sales and Marketing, PVEL
  • Victor Samuel, Field Technician, PVEL
  • Alex Barrows, Head of PV, Exawatt
  • Emily Greeno, Director, Energy Resources and Meteorology, Avangrid
  • Erik Lohse, Team Leader Quality Management, Enerparc
  • Hao Shen, Head of Strategy and Operations, kWh Analytics
  • Ian Gregory, Managing Director, PI Berlin North America
  • Stephen Fox, SVP of Marsh Specialty Risk Engineering & Resiliency
  • Tori Clifford, Content Consultant
  • Tara Doyle, Editorial Consultant

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