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Top Performers

Each Top Performer submitted unique bills of materials (BOMs) for testing in PVEL’s Product Qualification Program (PQP). These BOMs are represented as model types below. Manufacturers and their logos are listed in alphabetical order by the number of Scorecard appearances.

122 model types from 25 manufacturers are named as 2022 Top Performers.

Filter through this year’s Top Performers by PQP Test, Manufacturer Name, Location, Cell Technology, and more.
Download the PDF Summary to view traditional tables of Top Performers.

PQP Test
Manufacturer Name
Factory Location
Nameplate Power
Module Design
Cell Technology
Number of Cells
Wafer Width (mm)

NOTE: Manufacturers are listed by number of Scorecard appearances in alphabetical order. In some cases, test results were not available at the time of publication.
Manufacturers may decline to be named in the Scorecard.